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Top Effort Drivers to Avoid? YES PLEASE!

Feb 26, 2021

Once again, Matt Dixon, Chief Product and Research Officer at Tethr (and co-author of our book The Effortless Experience) and Ted McKenna, SVP of Product

Your Customers Need a Consultant

Dec 8, 2020

Customer service training has historically been focused on soft skills - teaching reps to be polite, warm and empathetic to customers. But as our research

Are You Expecting an Effortless Black Friday?

Nov 9, 2020

Ahhh, Black Friday.  A day that historically kicks off the holiday shopping season with massive discounts and corresponding massive crowds.  For our non-US readers who

So You Think You Can Change?

Jul 30, 2020

Think about the last time you tried something new. Most likely, you felt excited, but also a bit hesitant. Whether it’s a new food or