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Technology Won’t Save You

Apr 22, 2021

Every day I have a front row seat to see the impact our research has across the globe…whether it’s the increased usage of Customer Effort

Top Effort Drivers to Avoid? YES PLEASE!

Feb 26, 2021

Once again, Matt Dixon, Chief Product and Research Officer at Tethr (and co-author of our book The Effortless Experience) and Ted McKenna, SVP of Product

Your Customers Need a Consultant

Dec 8, 2020

Customer service training has historically been focused on soft skills - teaching reps to be polite, warm and empathetic to customers. But as our research

Are You Expecting an Effortless Black Friday?

Nov 9, 2020

Ahhh, Black Friday.  A day that historically kicks off the holiday shopping season with massive discounts and corresponding massive crowds.  For our non-US readers who