“Man, she did NOT stick that landing!” I say as I shove another handful of ridged potato chips in my mouth that I definitely picked up off my chest. As the scores are rattled off and the camera pans to her face… “and it’s GOLD!”, a tear pops from my eye. Another young athlete has achieved her lifelong dream today! I’m watching the Olympics and feeling downright inspired. These competitors have spent incredible amounts of time and energy developing their talents.

And it’s more than just sweat. They work with coaches on strategy, diet, mental health, and sleep. It’s a holistic approach that requires a robust support system – according to Forbes research in 2012, an athlete can spend from $5-$25k+ per year on costs associated with training and development in the run up to an Olympics. It can be easy to forget that winners aren’t just born, they are nurtured and invested in.  

As a Product Manager at Challenger, this resonates. At Challenger™, we support sellers all over the globe to boost their effectiveness with a research-backed and proven approach to sales effectiveness. Sellers who have attended our workshops are always hungry for more and they are always looking to sharpen their game. We know that sellers, just like athletes need practice, repetition.  

But we also wanted to make practice enjoyable, we know it needs to be convenient and practical. The good news is that advances in learning technology have allowed us to experiment with new and nimble formats. It’s easier than ever to incorporate targeted interventions for skill development into an average work week. 

That’s why, this year, we built Level Up Workshops. They’re perfectly designed to efficiently target and develop seller skills where they need it most, in a convenient 2-hour virtual workshop format.

After foundational Challenger training, assessments can help leaders figure out exactly where sellers need more help so we can lean in to focus and develop that skill. Challenger Advisors run the show and offer on the spot tactical guidance, ideas, and support as teams work their way through sticky challenges with live deals.

With five Level Up Workshops to choose from, sellers can sharpen their prospecting strategy, outreach communications, discovery tactics, business case development, or group meeting facilitation. It’s an opportunity to level up to “gold” – with no knees at risk!  

Rebecca Gallogly

Rebecca Gallogly is a Product Manager at Challenger.

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